club winners

FIFA organizes club world cup every year since 2005.

The first edition of FIFA Club World Cup was played in 2000 which was won by Brazilian club Corinthians by defeating Vasco Da Gama in the final.

Six clubs from 6 confederations take participation in the competition.

Spain’s Real Madrid is the most successful club of FIFA world cup as team won four trophies.

Rosen Many companies run Presidents Club, STAR Club and Summit programs to reward and recognise their top sales performers.

Usually there is money or a trip plus special recognition associated with being a “top” performer.

The question is: Does your program truly reward top performance and how do you know?

In building a Top Performers Program, sales management needs to decide what they want to reward.

This can be a challenging process of defining what top performance looks like.

Many companies I work with tie their program to sales vs. Assuming this is the way your company defines performance, then the first challenge is, how well do you set quotas?

For this to work effectively, quotas need to be set fairly against both large and small territories.

Management needs to be able to understand opportunities and challenges in each territory when quota setting.